Monday, May 5, 2014

Gaining Muscles

Some background, as this is the first post here: I started off overweight, fresh off a hospital stay, looking for a solution to the mounting health problems the doctors weren't able to help me with. Three years later, I'm doing better, but still gaining muscle and learning. I started off with aerial classes once a week and did that for nearly a year. When my aerial teacher left on sabbatical to Brazil for a year, I found Pole classes. Now I go to one of each most weeks.

I am still a mom, still have all the other commitments most people have, and since I have trouble admitting I can't do a certain thing, have injuries I have to take care of, so I'm not as regular as I'd like. That's the issue today. I went into split without being warmed up enough and pulled something in my thigh. It just happened to occur when my pole teacher is out of town and our aerial studio is dealing with a move, so a good week off for recovery.

But I've taught myself to be more active over the last few years so I can't just sit either.

And the point of this - the idea of this, at least - is to keep track of my progress. Because sometimes it's hard to see. Maybe I'll even be able to help others starting off and having trouble, because this is where I am after three years. It doesn't come instantly. Not for most of us.

This is a new exercise from a friend. The goal is to use abs. I think I still use my arms too much.

This one is practice for inverts and handspring. I'm starting to tilt more, but I'm not there yet. (I can invert, but just not from split grip.