About Me

Marilou is the name my mother gave me.

It once belonged to a grandmother. Verna was the other grandmother. I don't remember ever meeting either, but I now own both their names.

Goodwin is the name I took for my own when I figured out where I belonged in this world.

And Clothdragon is the name I use in the digital demesne -- where there were more Marilous and more Goodwins than I would have guessed. Well, I'm not surprised about the Goodwin part. I was always pretty sure they were widespread. Even the Goodwins easily connected to Husband; there are a lot of them.
Hi, Goodwins!

Then I took on Genre Dragon and Aerial Dragon so I wasn't talking about everything all on one page. People who like my crafts shouldn't have to listen to the aerial. People who are all over fitness or books shouldn't have to listen to everything else.

Is that all the names?

Yes, I think it might be.

Well, Husband calls me "Honey" or "Hon" and the children call me Mom, but those have very limited applications and I don't answer to those names for anyone else. Usually. Oh, and Dragonbones is my name on Etsy, where some sneaky person snapped up Clothdragon before I got there. (Here's where I do the Colbert-style fist shake and scream "Etsy" at the sky). Most places I'm Clothdragon though.

Why am I here?

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
I want to have a place to talk fitness and struggles and aerial and pole, and where I can post pictures that stay up so I can see progress happening because there are times when it's hard to see it in person.

Email at marilou @ clothdragon.com

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